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Local Rules

Local rule for sprinkler heads on the apron of the green. If the sprinkler head is within two club lengths of the green, and your ball lies within two club lengths of the sprinkler, you get the relief if it would be in your line for either the putt or chip. It does not matter what club you were planning to use.

In this case, you find the nearest point of relief where there is no longer interference and you would drop it at that point (please note, the player does not get the additional one club-length that they normally get for obstructions). You can read more in Appendix 1, Part B, Section 6 (page 558 if you have a decisions book).

Dress Code: Proper golf attire is required at all times. Gentleman may wear slacks or proper golf shorts and collared shirts are always required. Ladies must wear golf skirts, golf shorts, capris or pants and a proper golf shirt. No denim.